Tera Chavez

Tera Andrea Cordova Chavez


Help the cause

Please donate confidentially on this website. Or stop in at any U.S. Bank and make deposits directly into the account named “Justice For Tera Chavez.” If there are questions about the account itself, please contact Ann Martinez, the Branch Manager at the Downtown Albuquerque Branch of U.S. Bank, at 111 Lomas Blvd NW Ste. 100, 505-222-0024.

All proceeds will be used for litigation expenses in the civil wrongful death case against Levi M Chavez II for causing the death of Tera Chavez. In the event donations exceed the litigation expenses when the case concludes, the balance will go to local non-profits dedicated to providing support for abused spouses of police officers, or other victims of emotional domestic violence.

No family members of Levi Chavez or Tera Cordova Chavez will receive any donated funds.

Background information

A jury in the criminal system decided that there was not sufficient evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” about whether Levi Chavez pulled the trigger, where the court excluded evidence of motive surrounding the fake stolen truck, and evidence of Tera telling her friends, co-workers and relatives that ‘if anything happens to me, Levi did it.’

In a civil case, costs, fees and expenses will exceed tens of thousands of dollars, and likely exceed six figures. In a civil trial, there is a lesser standard of proof than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The civil jury will need to determine whether Levi Chavez caused Tera’s death “by a preponderance of the evidence,” (as in 51-49%), and will hear all the true evidence that was excluded in the criminal trial.

For an overview of the case and the criminal trial, view the Albuquerque Journal’s online database: The Levi Chavez Case: From the Beginning.

REMEMBER: In another case where the criminal defendant was not convicted but everyone knows he did it, OJ Simpson then faced a civil wrongful death trial. The jury awarded Nicole Brown Simpson’s estate approximately 33 million dollars.

Thank you for your support!